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Artist Application
Art Work

Reservation Information

Artist booth space will be 9'x9'

and located in either the Historic 

Post Office or the Texan Theater.


Booth price is $100 per space.

Tables are available upon request. 
Artist is responsible for requesting 

tables in advance.

Applicants will be invoiced upon acceptance by the KilGogh Arts Festival Committee.

Participants are responsible for sales tax. 

Each artist or artisan will prepare a competition piece, themed "Gogh Crazy!" for 2020, and submit it for judges' consideration. The winning piece will be purchased by KilGogh for $150 and the artist or artisan will become the featured artist for KilGogh 2021, receiving two free booths. Those artists or artisans whose piece is not selected are welcome (and encouraged) to sell the themed piece at their booth for their profit. The willing artist will be chosen and awarded on Friday night. 

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