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Welcome to Kilgore, Texas the City of Stars!

While oil may have been discovered by chance in Kilgore in the 1930s, it is not by chance that downtown Kilgore is a destination for residents and visitors alike. Surrounded by artifacts of our oil heritage like the 37 oil derricks that dot the downtown skyline as well as the preserved Art Deco buildings, downtown Kilgore continues to be a very special place. 


Through concentrated efforts and careful planning, this treasure of our community continues to improve and thrive, further bolstering the unique and authentic experience of an East Texas boomtown.


Downtown Kilgore has so much to offer, restaurants, salons, gift stores as well as two historic theaters. There are plenty of events throughout the year so, why not come down and experience it for yourself! 

Downtown Kilgore Holiday 1 2017.jpg

Historic Downtown Kilgore!

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